Stakeholder Engagement Audit

Optimizing the Corporate Structure of a Leading Oil and Gas Company


The Board of Directors of a major oil and gas company implemented a drive to optimize the company’s corporate structure with a view to improving its performance. What the company’s management needed was an independent appraisal of how well its Government and Stakeholder Relations department was functioning, and of any strategic challenges this might present.

Action Taken

Our team cross-checked the department’s objectives and results against the strategy the company already had in place. A functional analysis of the department’s structure, and that of its subdivisions, was conducted, and any instances of overlapping tasks or failings in risk management were singled out. Such instances were discussed during a series of expert interviews with employees in the department in question. In addition to this, our team carried out an in-depth comparison of the department’s performance with parallel structures at other leaders in the mining sector.


The Board of Directors adopted our recommendations regarding the optimization of the functional organizational structure of the department under audit. And our specialists who worked on this project were invited back by the company’s management to audit another of its structural units.