Russia and digital sustainability


With support from Microsoft, the Russian Association of Electronic Communications (RAEC) and TIARCENTER prepared an overview of the issues pertaining to the sustainability of the digital transformation.

Carpooling Bill to be Completed by October


The Ministry of Economic Development has released a regulatory impact assessment for the bill on carpooling, which was drafted by the Ministry of Transport. Although conceptually in support of the draft, the Ministry of Economic Development has formulated several criticisms.

The 1M Tons Project Presentation at AEB & Yandex


TIARCENTER CEO Anton Gubnitsyn spoke about the opportunities for FMCG companies to join food-sharing projects at the AEB & Yandex event.

TIARCENTER Releases Report on Foodsharing in Russia


TIARCENTER and the Russian Association of Electronic Communications (RAEC) released a study on foodsharing in Russia. During 2018, in Russia, thanks to foodsharing, approximately 7,000 tonnes of food was saved. According to RAEC and TIARCENTER, the amount of saved food can increase up to 1m tonnes by 2024.

Open Innovations Forum 2019: Sharing is Caring


TIARCENTER’s CEO Anton Gubnitsyn took part in the panel discussion “Sharing is Caring. The Age of Sharing Economy and Digital Platforms” of the Open Innovations Forum (Skolkovo).

TIARCENTER Signs the Paris Call for Trust & Security in Cyberspace


TIARCENTER has joined the Paris Call for Trust & Security in Cyberspace, launched by the President of France during the Internet Governance Forum 2018

RAEC Sharing Economy Cluster Assembles


TIARCENTER CEO Anton Gubnitsyn chaired another meeting of the RAEC / Sharing Economy Cluster. Members and experts of the Cluster – representatives of C2C marketplaces, carsharing operators, P2P rental platforms and other tech companies – discussed regulatory news from the summer. A plan for research activities was outlined: besides preparing an annual sector overview, which will be released at the Russian Internet Week in December, TIARCENTER will publish a paper on the potential of food-sharing in terms of sustainable development goals. See the article on the RAEC site.

Platforms once again blamed for service providers’ violations: now on the bus market


This year, in Bashkorsatn, the local road traffic regulator has uncovered 159 violations committed by bus operators who use Yandex.Buses and Atlas. It is fundamentally wrong to shift carriers’ responsibility to marketplaces, information intermediaries. Each carrier is free to connect to any platform, just like every carrier can publish ads in newspapers. The platforms themselves are not interested in working with offenders, says Anton Gubnitsyn, chair of the RAEC Sharing Economy Cluster. Source: Kommersant

Sustainability leads to advancement of the industry


The Association of European Businesses’ open event “Environment National Project: Opportunities for Modernization of Russian Industry” was held in Moscow on June 18. The participants were univocal: the environmental trend opens up strong opportunities for the advancement of the industry, along with a great potential for making the growth more sustainable. The event was attended by representatives of the Russia’s Industry & Trade Ministry, Technological Development Agency, Sberbank, Tikkurila and other companies and European embassies in Moscow, with Bashir Chalabi being a host. Read more

Sharing Economy Cluster meets with Marco Torregrossa


RAEC’s Sharing Economy Cluster and Marco Torregrossa, Secretary General of the European Forum of Independent Professionals discussed platform monetization models and platforms’ obligations to self-employed contractors. “It was fascinating to learn about European precedents from Marco, a career employment lawyer, who has interacted a lot with both the public and private sectors,” says TIARCENTER Head of Analytics Konstantin Streltsov, who moderated the discussion. From RAEC’s side, BlaBlaCar, Yandex and others contributed to the discussion.

Reducing Ecological Footprint and Optimizing Costs


Kim Tjoa, co-founder of B2B marketplace, and Anton Gubnitsyn, head of the cluster RAEC / Sharing Economy, discussed B2B-sharing with members of the IT committee of the Association of European Business.

Regulators’ appetites and development of sharing in Russia


The future of the accommodation sharing sector greatly depends on the regulator, TIARCENTER CEO Anton Gubnitsyn told RBC reporters. The ban on hostels in residential buildings may shift tourist traffic towards apartment renting or, conversely, may intimidate sharing platforms. Such bills may whet the appetite of the state for restrictions and potentially affect companies outside the hostel industry.

You can find the original RBC article here.