Russia’s Policy for Increasing Energy Efficiency

Monitoring and Analyzing Changes to Industry Policy


A leading provider of energy efficiency solutions decided to focus its attention on developing its business in the B2G sector in Russia and the Eurasian Economic Union. The company invited our experts for a consultation on ways of analyzing government policy on energy efficiency and of fine-tuning its business development strategy.

Action Taken

Our team are regularly monitoring and analyzing changes to industry policy on energy efficiency by keeping track of the status of key documents, the positions taken by government authorities, possible changes in the way the landscape is evolving, and of any steps that are recommended to be taken. We are keeping our client informed of any important changes likely to affect the company’s business as well as any related to energy saving, technical regulation, localization and import substitution.


Our client has built its business development strategy in the B2G sector upon a profound grasp of industry policy priorities and the present risks and opportunities.

Being in the loop about changing energy efficiency policy means that our client has now become one of the leading industry experts in this field.