Promoting Separate Waste Management

Involving Government Institutions in Developing a Sustainable Development Project


A global consumer goods brand launched an initiative for the separate handling of the waste resulting from the use of its products. The aim of the initiative: to minimize harm to the environment and to instill the principles of sustainable development in the company’s Russian operations.

An obstacle to delivering the project turned out to be restricted access to appropriate waste collection sites for shops, households and social establishments.

Action Taken

Our team succeeded in getting those key players in the state sector involved in environmental and waste handling issues to work with our client. We also carried out a study which not only demonstrated how our client’s proposed scheme contributes to meeting national targets to reduce the amount of unprocessed waste, but which also provided guidelines on how to create separate waste management infrastructure.

Our study was warmly received by the authorities and became the basis for their participation.

The Result

Work with our client on this initiative has given rise to one of the most notable corporate projects in sustainable development: one to which key federal authorities have lent their official support.

The network for separate waste management launched by our client expands as we speak.