The 1M Tons Project Presentation at AEB & Yandex

TIARCENTER CEO Anton Gubnitsyn participated in the “How to Use a Boom in the Field of E-Commerce for Corporate Brand Promotion” event, jointly organized by AEB and Yandex. He spoke about the opportunities for FMCG companies to join food-sharing projects in order to save food and distribute it between those in need. Nowadays most businesses aim to decrease food losses, however, few have real tools to achieve this goal.

The 1M Tons Project was created by TIARCENTER with the support from consumer market players to solve the problem of food waste. It is an online platform uniting food producers, retailers and food-sharing services to make soon-to-be-expired food as liquid as possible. The project aims to assist food-sharing services in saving one million tonnes of food. At the moment the foodsharing diverts 7,000 tonnes of potential food waste annually.