COMING SOON: Sharing Economy in Russia 2018


TIARCENTER and the Russian Association of Electronic Communications (RAEC) estimated the Russian sharing economy. The results of the joint research titled “Sharing Economy in Russia 2018: Models, Industries, Trends” will be presented at Russian Internet Week on November 21.

In November we are presenting a new study dedicated to the sharing economy. The 2017 RAEC research, which was the first paper on collaborative consumption in Russia, sparked immense interest among business, public officials and the media. For the first time, the size and truly impressive growth rate of the sharing market were demonstrated. The 2017 study outlined the drivers of sharing services and obstacles to their development in Russia.

In 2018 we decided to dive into the sharing economy even deeper:

  • examine the contribution of sharing services to implementing state priorities not only in the digital area, but also in the spheres of environment, entrepreneurship, urban planning and others;
  • provide an overview of various models of collaborative consumption and of the sharing ecosystem (which includes, for example, services for secure deals);
  • analyze the specifics of the most developed sharing industries in Russia – transport services, real estate rentals, crowdfunding, C2C sales, P2P item sharing and P2P services.

Based on our findings, we plan to prepare a sort of road map – recommendations on improving the regulatory framework to bring Russia’s sharing economy on a new level.

On November 21, at RIW, Anton Gubnitsyn, CEO of TIARCENTER and head of the RAEC / Sharing Economy Cluster, will present the results of the new research:

  • The Russian sharing market size and growth rate
  • Key industries of the sharing economy – carsharing, carpooling, property rentals, crowdfunding, C2C commerce, item rentals and P2P services
  • Sharing ecosystem: tools for facilitating mobility and trust among users
  • Trends: what should we expect from the sharing economy in the nearest future?