Penetration of Sharing from Consumers to Corporations

TIARCENTER Chief Executive Anton Gubnitsyn and Kim Tjoa, co-founder of Dutch B2B platform, discussed adoption of the sharing model by corporations at the RIF+CIB forum.

The Russian Internet Forum (RIF+CIB) is the largest spring event in the Russian tech industry. This year it celebrated the Runet’s 25th anniversary with three days of presentations and conferences on the hottest subjects, including big data, cybersecurity, digital marketing, and, of course, the sharing economy.

“Volvo, one of the forum’s partners, provided a clear example of how the sharing model transforms global business,” Gubnitsyn says. “The company unveiled details of its car subscription service. That’s the first launch of such a service on the Russian market. The opportunity to use a vehicle for a year with maintenance covered is an excellent alternative to purchase.”

The government was well represented at the event. Among most senior officials, there were the Presidential Administration’s First Deputy Head Sergey Kirienko and Moscow region governor Andrey Vorobyev.