Sharing Economy Cluster meets with Marco Torregrossa

Members of the Sharing Economy Cluster of the Russian Association of Electronic Communications (RAEC) met with Marco Torregrossa, Secretary General of the European Forum of Independent Professionals and CEO of the Euro Freelancers marketplace. The discussion focused on platform monetization models and platforms’ obligations to self-employed contractors.

The problem of self-employed contractors rights (to social guarantees and other benefits actual employees enjoy) is extremely complex. Even across the EU, national governments differently draw the line between the employee and the independent contractor. “It was fascinating to learn about European precedents from Marco, a career employment lawyer, who has interacted a lot with both the public and private sectors,” says TIARCENTER Head of Analytics Konstantin Streltsov, who moderated the discussion.

From RAEC’s side, BlaBlaCar, Yandex and others contributed to the discussion.

The event on the RAEC website.