Carpooling Bill to be Completed by October

The Ministry of Economic Development has released a regulatory impact assessment for the bill on carpooling, which was drafted by the Ministry of Transport. Although conceptually in support of the draft, the Ministry of Economic Development has formulated several criticisms. It is expected that a new draft improved in line with the issued feedback will be submitted to the State Duma in autumn.

Carpooling is a non-commercial scheme enabling a driver and passengers to pool resources in order to reach a destination in the most cost efficient and environmentally friendly manner. It would be useful to enshrine this in legislation, so that regulators could not interpret carpooling as unregistered business activity. Anton Gubnitsyn, Head of the RAEC / Sharing Economy Cluster and TIARCENTER CEO, believes it is essential to regulate the costs of shared rides, the number of trips per day a driver can make and the maximum number of passengers – so that there is a distinct line between for-profit bus operations and carpooling. “These criteria make ‘commercialized carpooling’ practically impossible”, he told Kommersant.

Russia is not the first country to introduce legislation on carpooling. Similar laws exist in France and Germany. In some countries, such as Belgium, Italy and Spain, the relationship between carpooling drivers and passengers have been regulated through judicial precedents.

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